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Dear Teacher, 

Thanks for considering Camp Chromebook for your classroom. I know time in the classroom is precious, and I am honored that you would consider bringing some Camp Chromebook into your space. Technology is becoming more and more important, and this program is designed to help you with integration of the devices into your classroom on the basic “I need this to work level.” While there is much more that can be done, Camp Chromebook is designed to kick off the basics and get everyone started with their device. 

Each session, unless otherwise noted, should be completed in less than 30 minutes, making it an easy item to insert into a Response to Intervention class period or part of a homeroom class structure.

Check out the simple tips to get started below. 

  • Create your own Google Classroom to kick off Camp Chromebook (or integrate into your already existing Google Classroom).
    • In the past, I have created a classroom, but it would always be short kids and there were not many assignments submitted. With creating your own classroom, you have control to work with your students and move them to the areas that they need! Plus, if you do not wish to use all of Camp Chromebook, you can simply add the parts that you wish! 
  • Make copies of the forms!
    • In order to make adjustments and more, please make copies of the Google Form assignments. This will allow you so much more control. 
  • Treat the content like you would for any other topic. 
    • While I was a classroom teacher, I was purposeful with the things that I would cover. If I showed a clip or video, we would talk about it and work it into something that we were doing. The same can be said for Camp Chromebook things. When we talk about cleaning the devices, have the kids clean the devices. When we discuss submitting assignments in Google Classroom, have the kids work alongside it. While I want to protect autonomy in the classroom, these simple steps can help kids learn the materials quickly! 
  • Reach out if you have questions!
    • If you have questions, need a copy, or wish to make adjustments, please let me know! Email Camp Chromebook at info[at]campchromebook.org. 
    If you would like teaching notes, please complete the form on the left. We will never send you any additional emails or contact you any other way. Thank you again for taking the time to investigate Camp Chromebook.